LED Traffic Signs Australia
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High quality LED traffic signs designed to keep road users informed of traffic conditions.

LED Traffic Signs Australia

Traffic Equipment Australia specializes in Traffic Equipment solutions such as VMS Trailers, LED Arrow board trailers, Truck mounted arrow boards, Truck mounted VMS LED signs, Speed Radar Solutions, CCTV towers and Portable Lighting Towers, . We are able to provide Traffic Equipment solutions for roadwork's, speed zone control, traffic direction control, construction sites and advertising. Here at Traffic Equipment Australia we only use the latest LED technology to ensure our clients receive true cutting edge, high quality, long lasting and power efficient traffic equipment solutions.

Built To Australian Standards

LED Traffic Signs products and trailers are made at our state of the art manufacturing facility to fully comply with CE & AS standards, where possible MRPT technology inverters are used for an increase in power efficiency of 30%. Before delivery all products must go through and pass rigorous testing before being shipped. Not sure which LED signage solutions is right for your project or business? Speak to one of our LED signage experts today phone : 1300 980 927

More Than Traffic Signage

LED Traffic Signs offers a lot more than just LED traffic control signage. As LED performance increases so do its applications. We are proud to be able to offer high performance full colour LED video trailers, amber & 5 colour VMS advertising trailers, portable flood lighting tower trailers, crowd surveillance CCTV security camera trailers and more all perfect for events, advertising / promotions, relaying important safety information.

New VMS trailer sign range

22/7/2018 Traffic Equipment Australia has released its new 2018 range of VMS trailer signs. Featuring Brighter and larger LED's and our external recharge system. Other features include the Latest MRPT technology inverter which is 30% more efficient.

New Solar Powered LED lighting tower

20/07/2017 Our new solar powered LED lighting towers are solar powered and ECO friendly. No need to keep filling generators with polluting fuel. Capable of running all through the night. Our solar Portable LED Lighting Tower feature an Hydraulic mast and the latest General Electric LED light bulbs.

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