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High quality LED traffic signs designed to keep road users informed of traffic conditions.

LED Road Signs

LED Traffic Signs is a leader in the LED road signage field. We are able to supply LED road signs Australia wide. Our customers include State road authorities, local government councils, large engineering firms and a large number of other clients who value us for reliable LED road signage solutions.

We continuously invest in LED signage innovation to ensure we remain at the forefront of the LED traffic signage industry and offer our customers cutting edge reliable LED Road signs which deliver state of the art solutions to the Civil, Traffic and mining industries in Australia.

Road Traffic signs have evolved from Static signage to the latest cutting edge LED digital road signs. LED traffic signs is a leading Australian supplier of LED traffic signage solutions.

LED traffic signs Australia is constantly releasing new state-of-the-art LED road signage solutions for the road traffic management industry including more environmentally friendly products such as Solar Powered Lighting Towers, Solar Powered Road Radar Speed Signs, Solar Powered VMS LED road traffic signs and Solar Powered CCTV camera towers to manage road works civil projects from a remote location.

LED traffics signs is a leading supplier and innovator when it comes to the LED road signage industry. Our innovations provide state of the art Road sign technology using the latest Green powered LED road signage solutions which improves safety, reduces environmental impact & helps reduce running costs.

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